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SizeGenetics Safe Penis Enlargement With A Penis Extender. Penis enlargement is only possible through steady progress. A man trying to enlarge his penis uses penis enlargement exercises, a traction device, or both for even more stretching time and generally faster results.

The penis extender is a modern tool for penis enlargement that requires little to no effort on the part of the user. The device slips on and attaches to the penis head and holds the penis in a stretched state. The length and girth gains made are permanent and men in clinical studies done on the device have made real and noticeable gains.

Are penis extenders safe?

A penis extender is a hands free way to get a bigger penis, but is the device safe? Due to the success of the penis extender, many different devices have hit the market. Some are professionally made in a facility while others look as if they were thrown together in someones basement.

You might be tempted to buy one of these cheap penis enlargers, but these are unsafe and you should stay away from them if you want to avoid problems. With most of these cheap penis enlargers, you get what you pay for.

Safety first

These cheap devices are made with low quality materials, and as a result they can rust or break. Dont risk injury when you can vastly improve your chances of success with a manufactured, higher quality device. Besides, some penis extenders are even available on monthly payment plans.

There are other advantages than safety of choosing a manufactured penis extender over a homemade or cheap penis enlarger. A penis extender made with custom parts is more comfortable to wear, which means you will have no trouble wearing the device longer, which will give you faster gains.

The strap makes the device

The strap that holds your penis head in place is where most devices prove worthy or a waste of money. A penis extender will not enlarge your penis if you cannot wear it due to pain.

You only need to wear a penis extender 2-3 hours a day to add real inches to your length and girth. Constantly having to remove it due to discomfort can really drain your motivation.

Thanks to a recent invention by SizeGenetics, there are now two types of penis extender straps. The first one, the noose strap is a thin silicon loop that can cause discomfort during use. The new padded rubber strap is much larger and makes it easy to wear the device for faster gains.

So if you are looking to get a bigger penis and not having to do a lot of work, the penis extender is an excellent choice. Many men combine use of the penis extender with penis enlargement exercises to benefit from faster size gains and improved sexual performance in the way of improved ejaculation control and erection hardness.

If you choose to start up a program of penis enlargement, remember to always be safe and do not rush things. Results take time but for those who continue their program, rewards of new growth and inches are right around the corner.

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